Monday, February 7, 2011

Ry's Shirts

I don't know if I posted about this yet or not. Now that Ryan is working closer to home (instead of commuting 1 hour each way like he had been the previous 3 years) he seems to have more opportunities - whether it is to surf on his lunch break or to design some t-shirt ideas. Now that he doesn't have to race out the door once the clock strikes 5pm (since now it only takes him 15 minutes to get home), he was able to chat with the Apparel Department at work to see if they needed any help or see if he could submit some designs. Of course this is just extra-curricular activity for him (he doesn't get a bonus or anything like that) - but he loves it. Anyway, he submitted a few designs a couple months ago and they are fast tracking some of them for the Fall 2011 line! HOW AWESOME! He brought home a sample poster that the reps are giving out to clients with some of the pieces and Ryan has 4 SHIRTS on the poster!! That means they could be coming to a surf shop near you! :) Obviously the quality of the pictures below aren't the best (they are just little thumbnails of the designs on a poster), but at least you can get the idea and start picking out which ones you want to order, hehehehe.

The back of the poster with some of the pieces:

Fall 2011:

Missing Fish (yes, we did find a Missing Cat poster, rip it down and use it for his design):

Dawn Patrol (because they wake up before dawn to go surf, and OOPS, spill their coffee):

An argyll pattern with the Reef logo and an anchor:

Ry cut block letters out of wood and then scanned them in the computer:


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WAY TO TO GO RY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!