Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Web Address

COMING SOON! I am planning on changing my web address soon! The main reason for this is because I want it to be a little bit more anonymous. I have been doing a little 'spring cleaning' of the information out there on the world wide web of myself. I don't think that I like when you google my name my blog pops up first since it has my name in the web address. I am not sure how many people out there have this website bookmarked, but just in case there are more people than just my parents (HI PADRES) I thought I would give a general heads up.

The website that I am planning on changing it to is: (granted that is still available at the end of the week).

I am planning on changing the site over this week, but I thought I would put the notice out there for a few days before I totally switch it so that I don't lose my followers :). Make sure you update your bookmarks everyone!! I don't want to lose any of the precious few people I have reading my blabbers!!

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