Sunday, February 27, 2011

ABC's of ME

Age: 26

Bed size: Queen which is actually recent in the last 6 months. Before then we were rockin' the Full :)

Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathrooms

Dogs: None yet. Ryan has puppy fever... so we can see how long I can hold him off

Essential start of your day: Checking my emails and blogs

Fav color: I love all bright colors

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5’4″

Instruments I play: I played the flute in elementary

Job title: 'Consultant'

Kids: No thanks (we are okay being the fun aunt and uncle)

Live: North County San Diego, CA

Mom’s name: Madre, Suzie Q, Soomoe, Hey You, oh yeah, and Sue :)

Nicknames: Car, C Dawg, Sally, Sally Bear, Peter, Mole, and I'm sure there are plenty of others

Overnight hospital stays: Nope

Pet peeve: Hmmm... so many to pick from - Eating with your mouth open, scrapping your teeth on your fork, not using your turn signal, etc...

Quote from a movie: "OH THERE YOU ARE PETER" - Hook

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 younger brother.

Time you wake up: Weekdays – 6:30am is my alarm, but I normally am up anywhere from 5-30 minutes before it goes off, Weekends – as long as I can sleep

Underwear: None-of-ya-business

Veg you dislike: Cucumbers

What makes you run late: My husband. Although he is awesome, he often UNDER estimates the time it takes to get somewhere

X-rays you have had done: Teeth, arms (broken them both), and an array of tests while they were trying to diagnose all of my syndromes and disorders (PET Scan, MRIs, Ultrasounds of kidneys, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and the list goes on).

Yummy food you make: Baked Pasta, Fake Tacos, Funfetti Cupcakes

Zoo, favorite animal: I would have to say Polar BEars, just because that is where we end up spending most of our time...


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Anonymous said...

Love it! And thanks for the blog love! :)