Friday, February 25, 2011

Banksy in OSIDE!

Banksy Tags San Diego Taco Shop

Acclaimed street artist and Academy Award nominee Banksy continued his onslaught of Southern California streets when he “modified” the side of Bull Taco in Oceanside the evening of Thursday, February 24. The all-black exterior wall now depicts a giant rat flying a kite with the all-too-familiar highway sign illustrating a small family of illegal immigrants running towards safety.

The signs are a common site around the Camp Pendleton area where numerous accidents have occurred involving illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by running across the interstate. There have been multiple immigrant road sign pieces popping up all over the streets of Los Angeles in the past few weeks, as Banksy has been reported to be in Southern California where his 2010 documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop is speculated to win Best Documentary this Sunday night at the Academy Awards.

The precautionary sign is a symbol for drivers of Interstate 5, but Banksy has transformed the image into a sign of hope, by adding a kite to the father’s hand. Instead of a migrant family running towards safety, they're now a family enjoying a day in Southern California while flying a kite. Banksy has visited San Diego before when he was part of the MCAS group show Viva la Revolucion just last year. The authenticity of the piece is still up for debate, but word on the street is this is indeed the work of Banksy. Bull Taco in Oceanside is located at 1815 South Coast Highway.

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