Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haiti Tees

As most of you know, I went down to Haiti this summer for a couple weeks with Outside The Bowl. While we were there, we met some awesome people. One of whom is Alex. He sent out a message a few days ago and I wanted to post it for my friends and family to read:


Hey guys,

At the risk of looking like a random chain message I would like to ask for your help. Through the connections that I have made at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission I was afforded the opportunity to help support a cause that I found honorable in a way that is sustainable and won't die out over the years.

I met the owner of the professional soccer team in St. Louis du Nord, Haiti through Grant and the NWHCM. He and I began talking and his love for the Lord and his desire to share that love as well as opportunity with young soccer players really gripped me. We continued talking when I got home and he and I decided to partner to help make the future brighter for his soccer team, his players, their families and the community of St. Louis du Nord.

I have been given incredible opportunity here in America where I don't have to worry about money. I agreed to support his dream for sharing the gospel through his team and through soccer camps for children in Haiti. I have started selling merchandise with all of the proceeds going to pay his players meager salaries as well as to provide soccer camps in St. Louis du Nord with the intention of selling the gospel. I am humbled to be working with such a great man.

All that I ask of you is that you look up and read the story of the team and see if it is something that you would be willing to buy a (pretty cool) t-shirt to support. T-shirts are 15 dollars and every penny of the proceeds goes straight to Haiti.

Thank you!

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