Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happiest U.S. Cities To Work

#9 - SAN DIEGO!!

The Happiest U.S. Cities To Work

A new survey reveals where the happiest workers are.

If commuting through sleet, slush and snow in the Northeast or Midwest isn’t enough to make you want to pack up and move south, maybe this will: with the exception of the Bay Area, the top 10 happiest cities to work are all in are sun-drenched, snow-free locales, according to online career site, which just released its first annual listing of the nation’s top 50 cities.

San Jose, Calif., headlines at No. 1, closely followed by neighboring San Francisco. Both cities have tech-centric economies and are regions where employees are more than satisfied with their compensation, benefits packages and work-life balance.

Matt Miller, CTO at CareerBliss, says that cities with bigger tech presences, particularly growing IT industries are markedly happier than other cities—and so landed high on the list. “Cities that are tech strongholds tend to have populations with strong educational backgrounds who are pulling in high salaries,” Miller says.

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