Monday, September 24, 2007

Library Books

I decided that I enjoy the library. I have gotten back into reading lately (maybe because Ryan and I have been out of town at different times so I have picked it up to busy myself, maybe I just want to make my brain bigger, who knows). On my lunch hour today I went and returned a book that I finished yesterday, 90 minutes in Heaven. It was a good book. I picked up Water for Elephants. I don't know much about it, other than it is on a lot of the best seller lists right now. I glanced at the back of the book on the drive back to work (don't worry, while I was stopped at lights and whatnot, I'm not THAT BAD of a driver) and the gist I got was it is a novel based in the 1930s, someone in the circus, something about the Great Depression (told you, it was just a glance). I think this will probably be the book I take back with me on the plane this weekend, seeing as it is about 350 pages and I don't think I will read all of them during the week. Any suggestions after I finish this one?

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MB said...

I LOVED 90 Minutes in Heaven! Such an amazing story! :)