Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yesterday was a sad day in the Carlee household. I think this needs a back story. When I moved into my apartment over a year ago I had to call and switch all the bills over to me (i.e. electric and gas, etc). As I'm sure you can tell, I am normally on top of things, so I think it was either the day I moved in or the day after I started calling around to make sure everything was in order. My landlord covers the water and the garbage, so I had to call the other utilities and make sure that the bills would now come in my name. I called the cable company to get them to switch it into my name and it was this whole big thing. I didn't know who lived in my apartment before and for some reason they couldn't switch the bill without having the name of the person from who it would be switching from (don't ask me why they couldn't do it based on address or anything else). I figured after a month or so the cable would just turn off and then I would be able to start the process over (just setting up cable from scratch). A few months went by and I still had cable. After the first few months I started looking into how much cable would cost and found out that it was more than I was willing to pay (there is a big monopoly out here so you can only use Cox or Time Warner, which means they can charge as much as they want because you have NO WHERE else to turn). So I decided to sign up for Netflix, thinking that if my cable went out I would at least have something to watch and it was only like $10 a month. After a couple months of Netflix (and still having cable) I decided to cancel the Netflix (more before the movies took too long to get to me and it seemed like I was doing more waiting than watching). Well, now back to yesterday. As you know, my mom is out visiting for a couple weeks (she's here till the 22nd). While I am at work she has been just hanging out at my apartment, watching TV, movies, playing Yahtzee, etc. Yesterday after she got out of the shower she turned the TV back on and IT WAS GONE! The cable is GONE now! We were unable to watch The Closer Season Finale last night because I only get a couple snowy channels now. I looked into getting cable today (since my mom will probably be twiddling her thumbs the next week and a half since I only have about 10 movies at my apartment), but it is over $46 a month, which unfortunately I am NOT willing to do... I guess we will see what new hobbies I can pick up to take up my time, ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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