Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Celebs!

Colin Ferrel is a good guy! 4 years ago he was in New York shooting a film. A local radio DJ said they’d give $2000 to whoever brought Colin Ferrel to the station. Well Colin heard this and picked up this homeless guy named Stress and took him to the radio station. Thus the guy got $2000 dollars. Well he was back in town shooting again and he sees this guy again, pulls up, and tells him to hop in the car. He then takes the guy shopping and tells him to pick out whatever he wants. They pick out a $500 coat, a sleeping bag, and a rolling backpack stuffed with socks, boots and underwear. They spent about $2100 dollars. After Colin went to the ATM and got a wad of $20’s out to give the guy. And then arranged to pay for 1 years rent for this guy. 2 hours later the homeless guy returned to his corner to get his stuff. A fellow homeless guy asked where you’ve been? Stress says, “I'm all set up. This is my chance to get off the street." And he walks away.”

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