Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Heat Wave

They say that the heat wave is supposed to be ending today and tomorrow, but man we can not get a break in this heat soon enough. Yesterday it was 110 in El Cajon. I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, so when I got home from Santa Barbara my apartment was like an oven. I had to take a cold shower to try and stop sweating last night. To give you some sense of how hot it was in my apartment, when I was taking a shower, I squirted some of the soap in my hand and I had to rinse it off because it was too HOT! Since living in my apartment, I haven't ever really had the need for air conditioning, since the breeze and cool evenings tends to cool everything off just fine, but man, it had to have been at least 90 in my place yesterday. I am just hoping with all the fans and hopefully cooler temps today I will be able to get some decent sleep tonight (you know it is gross when you are can't sleep and when you wake up you are still sweaty).

News about the heat:
Scorching heat fried Southern California for a seventh straight day Monday, knocking out electricity to more than 24,000 customers and fanning three fires in northern Los Angeles County and the mountains near Big Bear Lake.

Labor Day vacationers swarmed local beaches to escape the late-summer heat spell that drove the mercury to 99 degrees in downtown Los Angeles and 111 in Woodland Hills.

SoCal presses to stay coolBut forecasters said cooler weather would arrive by midweek, taming furnace-like conditions that have made even walks in the park unbearable. Temperatures were expected to drop as much as 11 degrees today and even more Wednesday before adjusting to typical levels toward the end of the week.

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