Monday, September 10, 2007

Go Blue

An article I ran across, which I think was a good reminder of why we are WOLVERINES THROUGH AND THROUGH!!

How Soon We Forget
The last time Michigan started 0-2 was 1998 right after they won the national championship and lost a large portion of their defensive talent to the NFL. That season they got burned twice by two mobile quarterbacks and in their two losses the defense looked pitifully slow and overmatched. That year Michigan also rallied to win the conference and beat Arkansas on a new year's day bowl game.

How soon are we to forget these things. I believe us as Michigan fans have been spoiled by their success to match that we have become complacent to victories and so boiterous to defeats. Perhaps that is why the Big House is so quiet. I don't remember it being loud at the Big House since 2005 when we came back to beat Penn State on a last minute drive. When we kicked off that game we were 3-3, is that really what it takes?

How also soon we forget that just nine months ago our beloved Wolverine played in the "Game of the Century"... NINE MONTHS AGO!

How soon we forget that powerful defenses and conservative offense can be juggernaughts when run correctly. Did anyone see last night's LSUs thumping of Virginia Tech? No trick plays, no gimmicks, just great defense and an offense run like a well oiled machine.

How soon we forget that Penn State endured two lossing seasons, including a three win season just four years back. Were there fan deterred? Did they give up and forget? Did you see this the stands this weekend against Notre Dame? It may have been the largest and loudest I have ever seen.

How soon we forget that Ohio State didn't make a bowl game as recent as 1999. How soon we forget that even USC had 6 and 7 loss seasons as early as this decade. Where these programs dead? No chance, they rebounded like great program can.
The season is not over, the strong and proud tradition that we have loved to respect and cherish is not over. Great programs endure. The Michigan program will endure. This season may be a long one or we may rebound, that is yet to be determined. But I am not deterred.... I will still watch, still root, still cheer for every play and player. True Michigan fans don't forget so soon.

Go Blue!

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