Friday, September 7, 2007

Go Chargers!!

I was reading some AOL news and ran across an article about the NFL and predictions for this season. I have to tell ya, the Chargers seem to be coming out on top by most people's predictions!! WHOO HOO!!! The home opener is Sunday, against the Bears, LET'S GO BOLTS!! (Sorry to say, I don't know if I ever was a Lions fan, and I think my allegiance now lies with the Chargers)

Here is part of the article, check out the rest here:

Top to bottom, San Diego has the strongest roster in the league. Norv Turner can play to his strength as the new coach, working with the offense and further developing a young quarterback, Philip Rivers. And what about Turner’s two previous failures as head coach, at Washington and Oakland? Get real. He worked for Danny Snyder and Al Davis. Both were impossible situations. Yet Turner still was the only coach to win a playoff game with the Redskins in the first dozen years after Joe Gibbs initially retired.

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Jon said...

Go Detroit Lions!