Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a Sweetheart!

What a sweetheart Tami is! She gave out these little Blogging Awards. She nominated me for two different ones, how wonderful that my name even came into her mind. The two awards she put me up for were For the Rockin Girl Blogger award and For the Creative Bloggers award. THANKS TAMI!! Even though I am not sure where these awards come from I would like to nominate you For the Coolest Cat award :) (haha, if you can't tell, I made it up, but you are one cool cat if you ask me)!!

1 comment:

Tami said...

he he he
I have no idea where they come from either - I just get e-mails from people who link to my blog that tell me they nominated me for some award!!
I think it's just a fun little thing people do.
But thanks for giving me another one!!
Your the best!