Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ryan and I will be traveling up to Santa Barbara this weekend. I am pretty excited about it. Since I had never been to California before packing up and moving out, it is always exciting to travel to the new areas that I have never been to before. We were going to take the train up, but the cost of the tickets were more expensive than gas would cost, so we will just drive up there. We are packing our bikes and I have a few geo cache coordinates to travel to while we are up there too. I have done a little research and found a farmers market, walking tour, and a few places to hike while we are in SB. I am sure there will be plenty of photos when we return. :) Since Monday is Labor Day and neither of us have to work we are going to stay up in Santa Barbara until then (I think we will probably head up there Saturday morning and head back Monday afternoon). We will be staying in a hostel while we are there (since it is about 300x cheaper than a hotel). I have never stayed in a hostel, but am thinking it will be fine.

And no, just in case you were wondering, I have never seen the movie Hostel (like my mom said, of course I've never seen it, it's supposed to be scary, right?).

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my little adventurers ;)