Monday, August 20, 2007


Car Cleaning Tips

1. Cleaning your car when it's cool and out of direct sunlight will produce better results.

2. Use separate cleaning buckets for tires/wheels and the car body.

3. Eliminate Streaks: Clean interior windows with simple water and a terry cloth towel.

4. To keep tire shine off your car and driveway, paint it on with a brush.

5. Put anti-static dryer sheets under the front seats to eliminate odors.

If you ever see my car, you will probably notice that I don't apply these tips to my own vehicle. It's not that I don't want a clean car, it is more that I live on a dirt alley and when the idiots speed by and throw up all the dust and ricks they cover my car. Also, I don't have outdoor water at my apartment, so the only time to wash my car is when I travel up to Ryan's (or spend a boat load that I do not have at a car wash). But anyway, if you wash your own car, hopefully those tips help you out :).

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