Sunday, August 5, 2007

Screen Printing

Yesterday Ryan and I decided to try out his screen printing kit and make some t-shirts. We decided to have a contest to see who could do a better shirt (we honestly make most things into a contest, hehe, I guess you could say we are a bit competitive). We didn't really have any ideas of what we were going to do, we just each had a piece of paper to make a stencil from and a pen to draw with. Check out all the pictures of the process in My Photos, but here are a few so you can vote... Turtle Love or Team Woodsman? The last 3 people we have asked have all voted TURTLE LOVE!


Jon said...

I like the Turtle Love T-shirt. Turtles are sweet. I just didn't understand what the RW stands for on the other shirt.

cpm said...

Ryan does his art under the alias "Rugged Woodsman", which is what the RW stands for. (Which is also where he got the Team Woodsman from.) Check out his art under Ryan's Art on the right hand side of my blog if you get a chance.

Mom said...

TURTLE LOVE RULES!!!!!!! since i'm the vote counts twice hehehe

yay for baby pandas