Friday, August 3, 2007


The things I deal with, I don't think people would believe me if I told them. Jonna, the payroll manager, has been out on vacation this week. Last week she walked through all of the possible scenarios that might occur and how to handle them (verifying social security numbers, filling out termination paperwork, answering insurance questions, etc). I thought I was home free, since I hadn't really had anything out of the ordinary occur... That is, until this morning. I was doing my normal routine of entering time this morning when Nicole walked into my office. She had this look on her face that I knew was NOT good. She proceeded to tell me that I would be able to use some of the information Jonna taught me last week because I was now having to file a workers compensation claim. I asked her what the incident was (because when you call in one you have to know EVERY piece of information backwards and forwards). She told me that one of our employees had SWALLOWED GASOLINE. I asked her how, and she didn't know. Throughout today we have gotten bits and pieces of the story. Apparently he was siphoning gas out of one of our trucks to put into a piece of equipment and he swallowed some. Now, I understand that I am working in the construction industry and that some of the guys aren't the brightest, but COME ON. He knew the gas was coming, it wasn't like he picked up a water bottle and thought it was water so he started drinking.He had it in his mouth and he didn't spit it out, I mean what was he thinking. And oh, he didn't just swallow a small amount, HE HAS IT IN HIS LUNGS NOW! I tell ya, the things that we deal with, no one would believe me if I told them... He is going to be okay, just staying in the hospital for observations over night, but I thought I would tell the story to give you a glimpse of my life in the office.

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