Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Favorites

It's Friday - WHOOO HOOOO! Although now that the hubby and I are doing a "No Spend November" challenge we don't have our usual trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant to look forward to on Friday evenings... Nonetheless Fridays are still a day to celebrate - even if we are strictly celebrating the work week coming to a conclusion. And what better way to celebrate than to share some of my favorite finds?! So let's not waste any more time and get into the list, k?!

Stance Christmas Socks

The hubby sent me a link to these "I KNOW HIM" Stance socks earlier this week and even before going to the website I knew I needed them. I mean, they are pretty fantastic if you ask me... Thankfully they come in different sizes (since I doubt I would be able to rock a standard man sized sock with my petite feet). #DearSanta #IKnowHim #INeedThem


Trail Sister Beanie

I think I have about four of the Trail Sister trucker hats in my collection, but when I saw this pom beanie I was pretty sure I needed to add it to my hat hoard. I'm loving the colors... now if only it got cold enough to need a beanie in San Diego ;)


REI + Parks Project Iconic National Parks Crew Sweatshirt

If you've been around my neck of the InterWebs for a while then you know my love for both REI and Parks Project, so when I received an email from REI with a few of the new Parks Project pieces I fell in love. The Iconic National Parks Crew Sweatshirt is pretty absolutely AMAZEBALLS. I legit think I need it... like YESTERDAY!


Thunder Bunny Labs USA Photo Map

I'll be honest, most of the time I hate being fed sponsored posts on social media, especially on Instagram, but when I saw an ad from Thunder Bunny Labs last week I took a screenshot because I actually really liked it. The hubby and I love traveling and I think a photo map like this would be the PERFECT way to commemorate our travels. You would definitely need to keep the state shape in mind when taking or picking the perfect picture, but I sort of love the idea. PS They also offer other amazing ideas like a National Park Photo Map, Baseball Stadium Photo Piece, individual state pieces, etc.


Wander & Co.

This one is another find thanks to an Instagram ad (apparently they are getting better at feeding me the appropriate brands and products... even though I still don't being "sold"). Not only do I like the t-shirt designs from Wander & Co., but it is a social cause shop. They create products that have a direct social cause benefit or giving outcome attached to the purchase. Their goal is to give people access to products that do more to give back and make an impact in the world. I love it when you have a brand with great products that give back - it's a win-win! I think my favorite three tees (since I had to narrow it down) are Stay CuriousMore Stars, Fewer Cars, and Save The Creatures (Polar Bear).

What are you loving lately?

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