Tuesday, October 29, 2019

No Spend November

Can you believe we have just over two months left in 2019?! I mean, oh my goodness gracious... where did the time go?!
At the beginning of the year I laid out 19 goals I wanted to try and accomplish... and with 83% of the year done and gone, it's time to get serious about tackling the ones I have yet to cross off the list (which, unfortunately, are more than I would expect at this point in the year, but there's nothing like a little fire under your booty to get your butt in gear, right?!). 
If you couldn't tell from the title, I wanted to chat about (and put on the calendar) our No Spend {November} Challenge. 

The idea behind the challenge is to see if we can go an entire month without buying anything. Now we are making TWO allowances - groceries and gas - but hopefully you can see why we're doing that ;) Other than those (and the bills we pay automatically like our mortgage, HOA fees and utilities), we aren't going to spend anything extra. {Obviously an unforeseen emergency may pop up that we need to handle, but the plan is to limit our spending to essentials ONLY!}

The hope is after the month is up we can a) see a bump up in our savings (especially after what seemed like six months of constant spending when it came to the home renovations) and b) see what we really "need". Sure, we may miss going out to eat a couple times a month or seeing a movie every once in a while, but I have a feeling there is a TON we could cut out and not even notice a change in our lifestyle or comfort... I'm hoping this experience will be eye opening as to where and how we are spending our money and whether what we spend our money on is actually enhancing our lives.

I'll be honest, November is going to be a hard month to try and not spend any extra money, with days dedicated to consumerism like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc, but at the same time, I think this is the PERFECT time to attempt it.


Have you ever tried a no spend challenge?

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