Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday Favorites

Another week that FLEW by... but that's probably because we were in Vegas until Monday and we are leaving for a week long camping trip tomorrow so we have had a jam packed schedule for the last couple days. Even with everything going on you didn't think I would leave you hanging on things I am loving lately, did you?! I wouldn't do that to you (at least not this week... next week I will, but who's gonna be reading blogs on Black Friday anyway?!)! Anywho, let's get on with it!

USPS Operation Santa

I came across this new program on Facebook and HAD TO share it. Instead of doing Christmas gifts, my side of the family normally does donations to charities. Everyone picks their favorite charity and family members donate in that person's honor. This year we decided to "adopt" a family in the Toledo, Ohio area and will be blessing them with gifts/ necessities/ etc. Well, USPS is putting together a program to help kids from low-income homes and YOU can participate! All over the country, kids will send letters to Santa, asking for everything from toys to basics, like a warm coat or shoes, and you can make their Christmas wish come true. Letters to Santa from low-income kids are now available for adoption online. You can pick a letter from any city in the country, and it's tax deductible. Just remember, gifts need to be mailed by Dec. 20.


Doll Running Accessories

I didn't really play with Barbies or dolls growing up, but I know a lot of kids enjoy that sort of thing. When I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier this week I came across an ad from Target for a Our Generation Running Accessory Set - Run for Fun! and thought it was pretty awesome. I love that the idea of running for fun is being introduced to kiddos. Included in the set is a running belt with water bottles, a visor, a stopwatch, sunglasses, a medal, running shoes and a race bib belt. (PS It says the accessories are compatible with most 18 inch dolls, so not Barbies, but more like American Girl dolls.)

Keep Nature Wild Ornaments

The hubby and I have had our Christmas tree up for about two weeks (#SorryNotSorry). I saw that Keep Nature Wild recently came out with ornaments and LOVE them. I don't think I would actually buy any because we only have plain red, white or silver bulbs on our tree (#simplicity), but I love the idea of them ;) Maybe we could always grab a couple to put up in our new AdventureMobile (not as Christmas ornaments but just as wooden decorations).


As you know, I love me a good book (or eighteen). Well, when I was at the library last week picking up an audiobook for our drive to and from Vegas one of the employees was telling me about Hoopla. It's a digital media lending service powered by local libraries worldwide. Users sign up with an email address, password, and library card information, and Hoopla gives them access to their local library's collection of digital titles. With my library card through the Oceanside Public Library I am able to get 4 audiobooks a month (they also have things like eBooks, music, etc, but I think I will only really use it for audiobooks). I'm stoked to start using it. I already have like 15 books "starred" that I want to listen to.


What are you loving lately?!

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