Wednesday, November 28, 2018

REVIEW: Epic Wipes

A few weeks ago Epic Wipes slide into my DMs on Instagram to see if I would be interested in giving their product a try.

PS They were not inappropriate when they messaged me, I just thought that was the lingo kids were using these days. 

When they reached out I had just added the self-imposed #Dirt2Strip challenge to my calendar and thought a "packable shower" would be perfect for this adventure. [In case you don't know what #Dirt2Strip is, it is where some friends and I ran 3 races in 2 states in 2 days - the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon on Saturday morning, then flew to Vegas to run the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas 5K Saturday evening and then the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Sunday afternoon.]

I have used wet wipes/ baby wipes in a pinch before in place of a legit shower (think Ultra Ragnar Races, while on our 3 week road trip up and down the West Coast, during camping adventures, etc), so had a good idea of the product before it arrived, but, as you will see from this video, I didn't realize how it would stack up against the competition.

Before we even get into the review, can we talk about how awesome some of the features are?! Like how HUGE they are?! (They offer two sizes - Large {which is 25.6 inches x 11.8 inches} and XL {which is 31.5 inches x 19.7 inches}.) Like how they donate one to someone in need for every 10 they sell?! (When you check out you can select who should get your 'gift of clean' - deployed military, disaster relief or the homeless.) Like how they are made from a renewable source (bamboo) which makes them biodegradable?! Like how the preservatives they use are food-grade and non-toxic which means they can be used on all of your precious cargo, like your kids or pets and could even be eaten (although, unless you're a panda, they would probably suggest against it)?! Like how they are easily tearable?! (You could technically rip one into strips and use it as toilet paper if need be.) Like how they are gentle on your body and respectful of the earth?! (The formula is 99.8% water and the remaining .2% is chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and sugar-based detergent.)


Like I mentioned, I was planning on using these during #Dirt2Strip - specifically after running the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon and before jumping on a plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. (Although I wasn't too overtly concerned about my filth or stench, I figured I'd be kind to my fellow passengers, even if it was only a 45 minute flight ;))


I love how small the package is for these HUGE wipes. In fact, the 'strange' dimensions are because they were doing their best to make them fit better into a smaller, "pocket-sized" package. The wipes were originally going to be 2 ft x 4 ft but no matter how they folded it or tightly they packed it they could not manage to fit it comfortably inside a pocket. To solve the problem they asked themselves what size they considered to be perfectly pocket sized and worked backwards from there. The size was perfect to conveniently fit in with all my running gear that I was packing for our adventure.

As you can see, I even included it in my #FlatCarlee!

After we finished the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon we had a tight turn around before we had to be to the airport, so I grabbed my gear from the car (I had pre-packed a separate bag for the things I would need to change and then left my "dirty" gear with the hubby so I didn't have to fly with it) and got to work. The wipe down was quick and painless. The smell of the wipe was fresh and I didn't feel sticky or have any strange residue left afterward. I actually felt like I could have probably gotten away with using maybe half of a wipe since the trail race wasn't too dirty (and either saved the second half for another use or possibly used it to clean something else - like the AdventureMobile counters, floor, etc).

I used the "Large" size and it was more than enough to get me clean!

And since we were going camping to the Superstition Mountains for Thanksgiving, I figured I'd bring another wipe with me then. (When I'm camping, I normally don't worry about my 'dirtbag-ness', but I knew we would be doing multiple trail runs and hikes, so I figured those around me would prefer at least a wipe-down every couple days.) The wipe came in handy at the Lost Dutchman State Park even though there were showers (seeing as I didn't pack a towel - oops!).

I would definitely give these wipes two thumbs up. I think if we were doing vanlife they would be a staple in our AdventureMobile cupboard. I'm thinking we should buy a box and keep a couple in our camp box, a couple in the car, and a couple in our trail bags. The price per wipe (20 Large for $29.99 or 10 XL for $24.99) ranges from $1.50 to $2.50 per wipe - which, when you compare it to how many ordinary wipes you'd use (they are approximately 16 times larger than a standard wipe, not to mention how much stronger they are), this seems to be a fair price. Obviously it wouldn't be something I'd use all the time, but I think the convenience would be definitely worth it in certain situations.

But just in case that cost is a little too rich for your blood, you're in luck! Epic Wipes is having a week full of sales, so now is the perfect time to stock up! They'd make perfect stocking stuffers for the trail runners/ dirt bikers/ campers in your life! The Cyber Wednesday deal is 40% off any purchase of the Large Box with discount code: EWCyberWednesday2018. (That means, with the coupon, the box is only $17.99 for 20 large wipes, which makes them $.90 each! #SCORE)

Have you ever used wipes in place of a shower?

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