Monday, March 28, 2016

Packing For An Ultra Ragnar

I did a similar post to this last year when I was getting ready for SoCal Ragnar, but did it in a step-by-step process. Honestly, I think this post is more for me (and making sure I am packing everything I need) so I can double check my packing process, but I figured maybe some of you may find it helpful too (or possibly notice something I'm forgetting and remind me before it's too late).

As you know, I will be joining #TeamSparkle and tackling the SoCal Ragnar Relay later this week. Our start time is slated for 11am on Friday morning and we are expected to finish around 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Not only do we want to ROCK THE RACE, we are also hoping to raise money and awareness for Rett Syndrome. [If you are interested, head to GP2C and make a tax-deductible donation here.]

Oh yeah, and in case I haven't mentioned, we will be running this event as an Ultra team - which means instead of the "normal" two vans and 12 runners, we will have one van and only six runners. This means I have to pack twice the amount of gear because each of us will be running six legs of the relay instead of the standard three. If you are running as a normal team, feel free to cut the clothing items by half the amount.

Here is a shot of my #FlatCarlee for the race. This will give you an idea of what we will be wearing for each of our legs. Obviously I will be changing the under garments (sports bra, bottoms, socks, etc) but you can see what our "uniform" is for the most part.

As I mentioned, it is GREAT to have fresh under garments for each leg (especially when you are running in the middle of the day and turn into Sweaty McSweaterson). I make sure to pack at least one sports bra per run, one pair of bottoms per run (I threw in a couple pairs of capris in case the night legs are chilly and I would prefer those instead of the spandex-y type bottoms) and one pair of socks per run (to be honest, last year I wore the same paid of PRO Compression Marathon socks the entire time).

All but one is a Handful bra (the other is a Moving Comfort sports bra from
). I figured these went with our color scheme best ;)

**HUGE PROPS to PRO Compression for outfitting the team with three pairs of socks per runner. We each wear gifted a pair of Marathon Pink socks, Elite Pink socks and Mid PC Racer Pink socks. AWESOMESAUCE!**

Our #TeamSparkle tank dries out very quickly and I was able to wear it on most of my legs last year, but just in case it doesn't (because, let's be real, no one wants to put on a cold, wet tank to go run a night leg) I have a couple extra black tanks that will go with our ensemble.

Random black tanks I've acquired from places such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls

Although we are running in SoCal, the evenings can get a little brisk (especially if the marine layer rolls in and we are near the coast). I threw some "cold weather" gear in my bag just to be safe (it's also great to have while you are waiting for your runner to come in so you don't get too chilly). I know, I know, you are probably chuckling at my mitts, but hey, I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Our #TeamSparkle sweatsuit from last year, along with sleeves (to go with my
tank), mittens, a knit hat and a reflective windbreaker. 

And, in case you are unaware, Ragnar runs on open streets - meaning the course isn't closed to traffic (let's be real, they wouldn't be able to get runners to sign up for the relay if they had to pay to have the 200ish miles of roads closed because the cost would be astronomical). With that said, safety is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE! If you are outside of the van between dusk and dawn you are required to wear a reflective vest, headlight and back light. (I got myself a vest and blinking back light with a Christmas gift card this year because I do quite a few early morning runs and they are great to have. The headlamp I have is actually one we use for camping.)

Of course my cowbells are in my safety gear... You need to see me AND hear me!

I did throw in a few non-running tops as well. Last year I don't think I really changed out of my running tanks very often, but one can never be too prepared (especially if we are going to grab dinner after the race).

My "I Hate Rett" Shirt, #TeamSparkle Princess baseball tee and OF COURSE
a ton of #WeRunSocial gear ('cuz I've gotta rep the crew!)

Last year I ran in the same pair of shoes for each leg. This year I am bringing a couple different pairs to rotate through. (Let's be real, mostly because the colors of my shoes match our outfits and you never really know how I'll be feeling ;)) Obviously they are all outfitted with Shwings - DUH!

You knew I had to pack my bright and bangin' shoes, right?!

And you can't forget to pack your chargers, right?! Although the only electronics I will have with me are my watch and phone, I've gotta make sure my car chargers and external batteries are coming with me - otherwise how will I keep you all up-to-date on what is going on during #Ragnar4Rett?!

My "power brick", car charger with two ports, iPhone cord
and Garmin Forerunner 220 cable.

As far as fuel, I will be bringing some PROBAR BOLT Chews (although I'm not sure how many I will need since my legs average about 4.5 miles per run), some PROBAR BASE Bars, some Clif Bars, gum (I've been told it's weird that I run with gum... I think it helps keep my mouth from getting dry) and purple Powerade (yes, I know there is a flavor, but I always refer to the electrolyte drinks based on color for some reason). I also threw some honey wheat pretzels in for the salt. The ladies are also planning on bringing some treats for us all to nibble on (as well as we normally stop for a couple meals throughout the race).

And last but not least, all of the "extras". Some of my little accessories (like my sunnies, Road ID bracelet, QALO wedding band, Garmin Forerunner 220, Momentum wraps, ponytail holders, etc) are in my #FlatCarlee picture so I didn't duplicate them in any of my gear lay downs.

My last set of goodies includes most of my hygiene accouterments - deodorant, Aquaphor (which I use for anti-chaffing), lip balm, sunscreen (both a stick for my face and lotion for my body), tissues, baby wipes (both for "showers" and for the port-o-potties when they start running out of TP), icy hot for sore muscles, band aids, a travel towel (both for sitting on when I'm sweaty and to use for changing in the van), Tylenol (I am allergic to ibuprofen so I prefer to pack my own pain reliever just to be safe) and KT Tape.

At times I feel like I am over packing (because I could probably get away with wearing a lot of the stuff over and over - but I don't know that I would want to do 'that' to my van mates ;)) and yet other times I worry that I won't have enough stuff. Thankfully all of my gear (which I pack in individual Ziploc bags to not only help with organization but also to contain the stink when I swap clothes) fits easy peasy in one of my backpacks and I am all ready to go!

I will be heading up to Orange on Thursday afternoon so I can meet up with the LOVELY ladies and help get the van ready to go (it takes a good 6-10 people three or so hours to decorate it and get it perfect!) and start this crazy adventure! Obviously I will be writing a few recap posts once Ragnar is over, but in the meantime make sure to follow along on social media so you can join in on all the fun!

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Is there anything you think I forgot?


Jenn13.1 said...

A great step by step to packing and I can't wait to follow the adventures! (If you cut your KTTape, I would precut the strips if you didn't already.)

ivieanne said...


SD Mom said...

I had no idea you are allergic to Ibuprofen too! I am a Tylenol only girl for that reason too!

Unknown said...

Your list looks whole to me! I hope I get to run into you this weekend! I'll be keeping an eye out! I'm on team SWAGNAR Strikes Back, so keep an eye for some Star Wars -esque people! :)

Duchess said...

No spibelt to hold your phone or fuel, just in case? I also always run with a hanky, in case the pollen gets my nose or eyes running :)

Abby said...

A Ragnar is on my bucket list. Have fun.
And thanks for the list for future reference.

Unknown said...

Me too! I've never met another who's allergic to ibuprofen. :)