Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

By the time you are reading this I will be embarking on my 2017 #Ragnar4Rett journey with my AMAZING #TeamSparkle teammates (yay for technology that allows me to schedule posts even when I am not sitting in front of my computer). Even if I'm not available, that doesn't mean my list containing some of my current favorite things shouldn't be... So let's stop wasting time and just jump right on into it, shall we?!

REI #ForceOfNature Campaign

Have you seen the new #ForceOfNature campaign from REI?! I saw the teaser video on their Instagram account a few days ago and was STOKED! We need to encourage females to be STRONG, to have a VOICE and to be WHATEVER THE HECK THEY WANT TO BE! When I watched the quick clip it made me pump my fists in the air and want to scream, "I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!"

And once the #ForceOfNature bandanas and other products become available (which should be on May 2nd - both online and in store), you better believe those items will make it on my Friday Favorites list as well!


Run Ink Wicked Awesome Runnah Tee

With the Boston Marathon right around the corner, I am loving all of the commemorative gear being released these days. One tee that I am digging is from Run Ink. Seeing as she lives in Boston you know she's gotta have some great stuff, right?! I first saw a sneak peak in her Instagram Stories and had to jump on the website right away. I think the blue tee is my fave, but she also offers the design in white and yellow (as well as in unisex and women's cuts). PS Just in case tshirts are your jam, she also has the design on a coffee mug!


Los Angeles Skechers Jade Jacket

I don't know if you followed along on the slight debacle on this coat, but I wanted to give everyone an update. Skechers Performance was the title sponsor for the Los Angeles Marathon. They had an AWESOME jacket but I decided to pass on it at the Expo because I wasn't sure I "needed" it. Well, after the race I received an email that there was a sale (I guess that was the universe's way of saying I NEEDED it!). I placed an order and waited for it to arrive... Unfortunately a few days later I received an email saying my order was CANCELLED - BOO! I was so bummed and mentioned it on social media. Well, the awesome customer service from Skechers was able to track down one of the jackets at an LA store! I had to go into my local store and order it from there (apparently it was something to do with their inventory systems not allowing it to happen online if the product is physically stocked on a shelf somewhere). It arrived on Tuesday and I'm STOKED! I love the bright color, the reflective feature and the fact it got here in time for our Ragnar adventure (especially since the weatherman is calling for rain)! BIG PROPS to the folks who made it happen for me!

Handmade Gifts

I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at checking our mail on a regular basis (we have community mailboxes at the front of our complex and the majority of the time, when I am walking the pup, I don't have the keys with me). One positive about not checking frequently is that when you finally get around to it, sometimes it is overflowing with goodies (and not just lame stuff like bills or junk mail). When I checked earlier this week there was a package I was not expecting. It was from a runner/ blogger who was crocheting hats for a race she is fundraising for. An awesome friend surprised me with one and it is AMAZING! I'm saying it is both University of Michigan and Boston Marathon colors.

What are you loving lately?

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