Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

I love hearing what my friends are loving because I know they are legit endorsements (and not just ones that are being forced in my face by advertising money). With that said, I hope you enjoy my Friday Favorites series - where I share a few of my current favorites (whether that is an event, a product, and activity, etc). Feel free to link up and let me know what you are digging lately!

Ivie's Chipotle Hack

Maybe other people have mentioned it before, but I feel like when I saw Ivie's Instagram post about her Chipotle hack my mind was blown. She suggested getting a bowl to go, and when you get home, adding half of it to a salad and saving the remaining half for a SECOND MEAL. Um... HECK TO THE YES! I don't know how I've never thought of it before, especially since 95% of the time I get a salad when I am there anyway, but now that I know this little tip my Chipotle ordering may never be the same ;)


The Running Community

Okay, okay, this is nothing new, but when I watched the running community come together when the Walt Disney World Half Marathon was cancelled due to weather this past Saturday and RALLY... Oh man, I mean, tears, pride, overflowing love, the emotions were HIGH! I loved seeing all of the posts on social with runners taking it to hotel treadmills or running around their resort (after the unsafe weather passed, of course) to get in their 13.1 miles and "earn" that Donald bling. And to see all of the spectators and volunteers that got out to encourage everyone was BEYOND AMAZEBALLS! There were aid stations, cheer squads, what seemed like a billion and a half high-fives... I wasn't at WDW to experience it firsthand, but that doesn't make my love or appreciation for the running community any less.

A video posted by Sharp Endurance (@sharpendurance) on

In case you haven't read Sharp Endurance's recap of his "race", you should do it NOW! (And make sure to read all of the stories folks have added in the comments - PURE AWESOMESAUCE!) And HUGE PROPS to runDisney for everything they did to try and compensate for the ever unpredictable Mother Nature! YOU ALL ROCK OUR SOCKS! 

Sparkle Athletic Running Capris

These were officially released earlier this week and are AMAZING! I was actually lucky enough to go up to Orange a few weeks back to help the ladies with a photo shoot and was able to try the capris out. They are quick-drying, stretchy, breathable, and they have POCKETS! Quantities are extremely limited (I believe the XS in all three patterns are sold out), so act quick to be one of the first to get your hands (or should I say legs) on a pair. [In case you are wondering for sizing purposes, I wore a size S for the shoot, but could fit into an XS if need be. I normally wear a size 6ish in bottoms.]

PS Yes, those are my legs in the mermaid capris for the website!

The Library

If you read my Goals for 2017 post earlier this week then you saw one of my goals for the year is to read at least 17 books for the year. Let's just say I am WELL on my way - I just started my FIFTH book in under two weeks. I realized that I normally only read books once (and then they just sit on the shelf), so last week I started gifting some of the books away (as long as the recipient promised they would then pass the book on to someone else). Well, instead of paying for books, I thought, "Why not go the FREE route?!". The library and I have now become BEST FRIENDS! I currently have six books checked out with another three ready to be picked up (and a whole heck of a lot more saved).


What are you loving lately?


Chelsea B. said...

Loved hearing all the posts from people still earning their Goofy or Dopey Challenge. I have done a few races at Disney World and they are awesome at putting them on. So much fun. :)

The public library is my favorite place!!!!! I love to read and it really helps out financially as much as I read. Plus we do not have cable tv, so we will check out tv show seasons to watch or movies for free also. Do I go to the library too often if they know me by name?? LOL (I guess I could have worse problems in my life).

Paula said...

I love the library. I still enjoy reading a book although everything seems electronic now. I also pick up books cheap at Goodwill. Once I am done I bring them back so they can resell. It helps the mission who runs it.

San said...

I set myself a reading goal for 2017 too (I only read 13 books last year) and I am also already on my 5th book... haha, it seems like I want to be off to a good start in case I falter later in the year LOL

Those leggins look amazing!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I use Overdrive to read and listen to books from the local library. It's great!

Unknown said...

I started using the library again last summer with my littles - my oldest is a voracious reader and chapter books are just so expensive new. I decided if he is reading, then I should get back into it, too. My goal is to set up a Little Free Library in our neighborhood. Right now it is against the HOA rules (freestanding structure), but I want to change that for the good of the community. :)

selby said...

a lot of libraries have the option to rent kindle and audiobooks from their app. if the copies aren't available, you have to be put on a wait list, but it's another great way to use the library. i'm a huge fan.