Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl

A few weeks ago the Hallmark Channel reached out to me Walt the Wiener Dog to see if we he would like to help spread the word about a few things. When I asked Walt about it, I got quite the perplexed look in return...

"Ex-squeeze me?! I am not a blogger, what do they want from ME?!"

But then, when I told him there would be treats and toys involved, he was ALL for it!

You see, Hallmark Channel will be hosting their Third Annual Kitten Bowl this Sunday, February 7th at 12pm. Not only have they asked Walt to help promote the program, they also recruited the help of Happy The Dog and Happy The Cat. And, well, because The Happys are just so happy (and kind), they sent Walt a care package to stoke him out and get him pumped for the Kitten Bowl!

Posing ever so proud with all his presents!

It didn't take him long to dive in!

And a football shaped cookie made for dogs?! YES PLEASE!

Walt was so excited about all of his loot that he BEGGED us to take him to the park and let him play with it all (well, he thinks it's "playing", but he is really a DESTRUCT-O doggy, so, to everyone else, it just looks like a lot of chaos). And if you see his sweet puppy-dog eyes, it's hard to tell him no. Thankfully the hubby and I were both off at 2pm on this past Friday and were able to take him to the park to play a little pigskin while we still had some decent temps and sunshine.

I promise, although his face may say otherwise, he was STOKED!

The hubby says Walt looks "regal", but I think he just looks like he's fed
up with my picture taking shenanigans... 

We were able to make a little video of Walt in action. Not only did he get to score a couple of touchdowns, he also enjoyed some nice halftime refreshments and even a post-game celebratory cookie!

Walt is paws-atively pumped to spread the word of the Kitten Bowl, as well as the mission of the Happys! Happy the Dog is a rescue pup, just like Walt, and knows first hand that rescuing a pet welcomes a whole new world of love into the lives of everyone involved (and, well, that's nothing to bark at!). The Happys try their darnedest to raise awareness for the plight of the millions of animals who are in shelters or on the streets and are in need of rescue and adoption; now that's a PAWesome purpose!

So don't procrastinate.... Put the Kitten Bowl in your calendar for Sunday RIGHT MEOW!


Will you tune in to the Kitten Bowl? And, on a scale of 1 to 10, how corny were my animal puns?


Unknown said...

They made me smile :)

Jennifer Kyle said...

Walt is so so cute!

Unknown said...

We rescued an 11 year old lab mix from Humane Society in November. Best dog I have ever have!

Me and my rescue loved all the puns! ❤️