Monday, December 22, 2014

Spoiled (My #RunWithSydney)

Today it was in the 70s (they were calling for an 80* Christmas, but it looks like a cold front will be moving in after tomorrow and we will cool back down into the 60s by Thursday). While I was running, I was able to see the mountains in the distance covered in snow, yet run in shorts and a tee. I had to remind myself just how LUCKY BLESSED I am. I know I say it a lot, but if I don't constantly talk about it I know I will take it for granted - it's just human nature, isn't it?!

I'm not sure if you follow Pavement Runner on social media (or his fan-freakin'-tastic blog), but if you do, I'm sure you saw the call to #RunWithSydney for today. You can read all about it here, but the gist is a runner living in Sydney wanted to DO something. She wanted to RUN as a way to honor the victims from Martin Place.

When I was looking at my photos I noticed that my watch was NOT what was in focus in this picture... I will often worry about my pace, the overall time, etc of a run. Sure, those can be important (when trying to hit goals, better yourself, etc), but they are not what is most important!
Try to focus on what is important in life!

Although I wasn't able to meet up for a group run, I was able to get in 5 miles on my own today. During my run I made sure to focus on the victims - thanking God for their lives while praying for their friends and families. I also took time to pray for the healing needed in the Sydney community.

I think we often take for granted how safe we are in the United States, how protected we can feel. Really, we I am so spoiled. I live in this beautiful place with a roof over my head and a warm (vegetarian) meal in my belly. I can run where I want and when I want and not be worried for my safety (please hear me - you still need to be safe when pounding the pavement, I just mean I don't have to worry too much about my surroundings like I would in other countries).


Today's run was a solidarity one, running in unity with the amazing running community, as a way to be involved in something bigger than ourselves. To me, it was so much more. Of course I spent my five miles focused on Sydney, but afterwards I was left with the feeling of how pampered and coddled I am (not just with the weather or material things, but with unalienable rights like life, happiness, safety) and how I need to take the time to be grateful for ALL I have.


Sometimes runs reveal so much more than you were expecting. Sometimes runs are like that.

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Kelly @ Miles To Go said...

Love this. Runs can be so much more than pace and mileage. Running brings together a community that can change the world! Great run, and sounds like a great mental run too :)