Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brooks PureProject Package - #RunHappy

OMGeeeeeeeee! [FYI - When I say OMG, I always mean OH MY GOODNESS (or sometimes OH MY GRACIOUS!)] I still CANNOT believe it... I got a Direct Message from Brooks the other day and it made my DAY WEEK MONTH!

If you don't know, I just about LIVE in their shoes (especially while training for the Dopey Challenge in less than a month and the Phoenix Marathon at the end of February)!

These are just SOME of my running shoes and I already count 6 pairs of Brooks in the mix ;)

I was figuring it would be a package of maybe some socks or a couple stickers, but BOY WAS I WRONG (which, honestly, NEVER happens ;))! We came home from walking the pup at the beach yesterday afternoon to a BIG box at the front door...

Can I just GEEK out for a quick moment?! I mean I LOVE BROOKS! And I can't even believe that they would pick little ol' me to send something to! Sure, I try and tag #RunHappy in my posts if I am sporting (and photoing) my Brooks shoes, but I would have NEVER imagined this amazing company would notice the little people ;)

Anyway, back to the gift... WHAT'S IN THE BOX (in that creepy Seven voice...)?!

I was still stunned this box appeared on my door step!

Christmas came early this year, boys and girls!

A card from Brooks with MY NAME on it?!
OH #ShutYourFace!

Walt isn't easily impressed, but this package got his heart pumpin'

The card was sooooo sweet (and even came with a few RunHappy stickers)! 

Sometimes it is the little details - like red and green shoe laces to tie the package up - can you say CUTE?! 

The first thing I noticed - everything was in a super cute bag. If you know me, you know I love me a reusable bags (or fifty) - whether it is the book bag type or the grocery bag - gotta try and save the planet one plastic bag at a time!

I opened up the bag and there were a few different packages inside. The first one was the smallest. I quickly ripped into the wrapping paper and pulled out a PureProject Beannie. It is a slouchy fit with reflective features and extremely soft. I couldn't get it on my head fast enough (hence why Ryan doesn't have any pictures of just the hat).

The next package included an AMAZING jacket. It is the Women's PureProject Shelter Jacket. I know it was love at first sight when I pulled it out. Living in SoCal, we don't often get to use thick coats, so this is PERFECT. And I didn't even realize how awesome it was until Ryan took a picture of it with the flash on the camera - IT'S REFLECTIVE!

The reflective lines show in the flash (or in the glow of car headlights).

The site gives a few of the features of the jacket:


The next package was a pair of Women's PureProject Seamless Tights. Let's be honest... I am pretty self conscious. I have never really been a tights or leggings type gal. I guess I figured I couldn't pull them off. Lately I have been trying to rock them (I actually wore some banging tights on this morning's run), so you can say these came at the perfect time.

The Brooks website shares more about why these tights should be in your wardrobe:


The gifts just kept on coming! Next up was a fantastic water bottle. I always try to have a reusable bottle with me. This one is made of glass and has a wooden top - talk about AWESOMESAUCE!

You know it is already filled with water and in the fridge!

I was so excited I just had to go try everything on. I think they fit PERFECTLY! I can't wait to take the gear out on a test run soon. I am sure that I will love each and every piece! (Not to mention the waterproof jacket will help if we have more rain like we did earlier this week for my soggy sixteen miles.)

The Brooks elves must have told Santa I was an extra good girl this year!

And the good folks at Brooks didn't even realize it, but not only did they send ME gifts, they sent Walt the Wiener Dog an afternoon of excitement! He LOVES to destroy boxes but normally we don't let him because it turns into a huge mess. We figured we would give him a little joy and let him go to town on the FedEx box the gifts came in... He doesn't eat the cardboard, just shreds it (silly dog).

The shredding machine at work!

So a HUGE thank you, not only from me, but from my doggy to Brooks! I honestly spent the rest of the afternoon saying things like "Ryan, that was so nice", "How awesome is this?!", "I still can't believe they sent me all these goodies", etc. I am still stunned in the generosity from Brooks!

Have you ever gotten a surprise gift that made your day week month?


SD Mom said...

So awesome and so well deserved. In fact, I got a surprise gift in the mail this week I seem to recall. 😍😘

John @ run. geek. run(disney) said...

That is so awesome. They recognize you love them and showed some love back.

Susie @ Suzlyfe said...

Totally jealous. #RunHappyHOlidays indeed!

Unknown said...

So. Stinking. Fun!! Love all of it!! And yes to a glass water bottle that I'm sure will do great in the dishwasher! Love love love the jacket, too!!

EB said...

Wow, that is so awesome!

The Pavement Princess said...

Awesome! What an amazing way to celebrate the holidays! Well done Brooks! And cool gear too!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

Wow that is AWESOME!! I've been eyeing that jacket! It all looks great on you!! So fun!