Thursday, December 4, 2014

Camping Pictures

Ryan and I went up to Julian on Friday of last week for a little weekend getaway. We finally have the ADVENTURE MOBILE (which we didn't take any pictures of... OOPSY!), a 1998 Ford Ranger Long Bed (that Ryan and a friend built the back out for storage and sleeping), so we wanted to try it out and take it camping. A few weeks back we booked a camp site and the time had come to hit the woods. We packed up some food, wood and the pup and hit the road.

I thought instead of writing about it, I'd just SHOW you! (And believe me, I cut the pictures down from 250+ to just over 40... hubby just loves the camera!)

This area was burnt in the 2003 wild fires. Trees tend to be the last to return.

He is just so handsome, right?!

The only "normal" one we have... OOPS!

After the first one we smile for, all bets are off!

This might be my new favorite! It looks like I am eating Walt's face!

Roasting veggie dogs on the fire

Ryan and his dinner ;)

The sky looked purple in the picture

The stars are SOOOOOO bright away from the cities

The temps we woke up to Saturday morning...
A little colder than we were expecting... 

Not sure if you can see them, but I ran up on this doe and buck
right at the beginning of the trail

Ryan got a beebee gun for Christmas (YES, it came
early so he HAD to take it with us. NO. I am NOT happy about it)

I had 6 miles on the calendar for Saturday so it turned into a hilly trail run
at over 4,500 feet above sea level... Not really the type of runs I am
used to, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Lake Cuyamaca

Saturday morning we took a drive down the Sunrise Highway

We are in a severe drought, but it still looks AWESOME!

Walt might be part mountain goat... He is QUITE the climber!

We tried to get one decent one... This was the best we got...

Ryan thought this one looks like I was holding him up :)

Saturday afternoon some friends of ours joined us and stayed for the night. Ryan decided to let the kids play around with the headlamps and camera (or maybe it was his excuse to play with the lights and camera...).

Tylee attempting to write his name

Ryan trying to draw a Christmas tree

Ryan outlined Tylee and the beebee gun

Tylee outlined Ryan with the beebee gun, but it sort of looks like a flame thrower

Sunday morning the storms started rolling in, so the sun never really came out. We ended up packing up camp and decided to head home around 10:30am. Before we left we grabbed a few last pictures of the clouds sitting on the mountains.

Although I look cray-cray, I LOVED that Walt snuggled on my lap
all weekend for warmth ;)

Our maiden voyage in the ADVENTURE MOBILE is complete and was a HUGE success! We are already trying to plan our next trip (but have to figure out dates with Ryan's travel for work and the cooler temperatures). I promise next time to take a couple pictures of the ADVENTURE MOBILE... Shoot, maybe I will even do a post dedicated to its awesomeness ;)

Do you enjoy camping? 

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