Monday, October 20, 2014

Sour Faces

I just don't get it... Why are there so many sour faces out there? It's like the ANGRY CAT has become a way of life for so many folks...


To be honest, I notice it a lot when I am out running or biking. I will try to say "HI" or "Good morning/ afternoon" to everyone I pass. You would be STUNNED at how many people won't even make look up. I mean honestly, what does it take to acknowledge someone?!


And even though I notice it more frequently when I am out running or biking (maybe it is because I do that rather often ;)), it happens EVERY WHERE I GO! Whether I am checking the mail, shopping for groceries, going to CHURCH, eating at a restaurant, etc... It's like people think if they make eye contact with me I may attack... Or that you will get "stuck" in a conversation for hours. I promise, I don't bite and am only saying HELLO!


Now don't get me wrong! I'm NOT saying you need to always be happy or plaster a smile on your face 24/7 (although some folks think that's my life), but I am just flabbergasted at how BLESSED we are and yet folks can't even crack a smile or give a head nod to those around them.


Sometimes I think we just need to get out of our own heads (and selfishness) and look for ways to make those around us happy (even if it is just for a brief moment)! Hold the door open for a stranger, buy the person in line behind you a coffee, drop off cookies for your local firefighters, or simply SMILE at everyone you come in contact!

WARNING: Making others smile often will cause you to smile yourself ;)

Are you a smiler? Or a sour puss? 


Kara said...

As a kid I always said "Smile & the world will smile back." That slogan/thought has always stayed with me.

Stacey said...

I am definitely a smiler. When running, going to the grocery store, or just out and about. A smile and a hello is painless to you but may mean the world to someone else.

KookyRunner said...

This is such a timely post because I was talking to my friend about this over the weekend. I encounter the same thing on my runs, or even just every day life. Not sure why people are so grumpy, but all we can do is just continue to smile, stay happy and positive and hope it changes someone's mood! :)