Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bike The Coast

I don't know if I have mentioned it on here or not (maybe because I don't necessarily want to acknowledge it out loud), but I am signed up for a 50 MILE bike race in a little over a week...

I had heard about Bike The Coast for the past few years, but for some reason or another I hadn't been able to pull the trigger (last year I think we did The Color Run on the same day).


Earlier this year I saw a coupon code for the race and thought I needed to sign up. They have multiple options - a 7 mile, 15 mile, 25 mile, 50 mile and 100 mile race. I asked Ryan if he wanted to do it with me, to which he graciously declined. Originally I was thinking we could do the 25 mile race, but since Ryan wasn't planning on doing it with me I figured GO BIG OR GO HOME!

My normal weekly bike ride (I have a "cross training" day on my schedule, which 95% of the time turns into a bike ride) is around 20 miles. I knew I could easily do the 25 mile race, so why not step out of my comfort zone and do 50 miles?!


What did I get myself into?! 

This will definitely not be a "race" for me or even a ride that I remotely care about time/ pace on. This is about me doing something I would have never thought I could and doing it with a smile on my face (and probably a super sore booty).


I am planning on "dolling" up my bike a bit by adding some streamers to the handle bars and decorations on my spokes. My thoughts are: A. don't take myself too seriously, B. maybe make a couple people smile while I am riding all morning long (and if I am honest with myself, probably some of the afternoon), and C. if my fellow racers see I'm not taking it too seriously (ha, like they couldn't tell by looking at me that I wasn't a threat) they won't laugh at me along the way.

Originally I was worried about being the last person on the course, but I recently found out the 100 mile course is actually 2 loops of the 50 mile course. Hopefully I can beat a few of the 100 mile racers :)

Like I mentioned, I've never tried this distance before. I have no idea what to expect (other than a painful derrière). I am hoping to enjoy the beautiful surroundings (the route tours the beaches on Highway 101 through Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach and Del Mar) and prove to myself that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!

Oh yeah... And my bike... Well, it is a hybrid beach cruiser... Meaning it is not built for speed! It is made to leisurely cruise along. At least it has a few gears ;)

Wish me luck! No, really, PLEASE send me some fast peddling vibes...

Have you ever signed up for a race or event that was WAY out of your league?! 

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