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Motivational Mondays: RunEMZ

I decided I wanted to start a new blog series - Motivational Mondays.

No, this isn't going to be a post with motivational pictures (although sometimes we need them, #AmIRightOrAmIRight?!)...

The other day I realized how many inspirational and AMAZING people I know. Since these folks motivate me to be a better runner (but more importantly a better person), I thought they might do the same for you. With that being said, I started reaching out to some of those awesome folks in my life to see if they'd help me out.

I am STOKED to say everyone I asked said they would LOVE to participate. I can't wait to start posting all of the "mini interviews".

So without further ado, I bring you FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC Mrs. RunEMZ :) [Can I say how THRILLED and HONORED I am she even wanted to play along with me?! And that she was the first one to respond back?! PURELY WONDERFUL!]


When did the running bug first bite you? What is your running story?

I began running only as a way to maintain fitness after volleyball injury but quickly realized my love for it was growing with each mile. My first marathon with a 1999 where I finished with the time of four hours 16 minutes. When I ran my next marathon 10 years later I qualified for the Boston Marathon and I knew this running thing was for me. Little did I know in 1999 when I started running that by 2014 I would've completed over 30 marathons, five ultramarathons, and best of all, supported a number of charities by running 24 hour treadmill runs. 

RunEMZ at her first marathon after a
10 year hiatus - she was THAT happy!

How do you balance it all (especially since most of us have other 9-5 jobs, families, friends, commitments, etc)? [PS What is your full time job?]

I balance it all mostly by getting up very early. I have found when I wake up early and get it done first thing... the excuses tend to not be there as they are if I wait until later in the day. 

I work from home as a personal shopper. I love my job. But I love my mom job more than anything. 

What does your training/ routine look like?

My training routine has kind of been all over the place lately as my son is just now two months old. However, I do try to do longer runs on Monday Wednesday, speed workout on Tuesday. I always take Thursday & Sunday off and Friday I do my long run. Saturday for me is typically a slow recovery run. 

If you could impart one piece of advice/ wisdom for someone starting their running journey, what would it be?

Be patient. Follow your own training plan.  Always remember that you can do hard things. And my favorite thing to remember is that the mind controls the body. 

What is one of your recent accomplishments you are most proud of?

The treadmill runs that I do for charity by far are the accomplishments that I most proud of. Don't get me wrong I love running a new PR in a marathon. However, the feeling that comes after these charity runs FAR surpasses the feeling I get after a PR. 

From her SF 24 hour Treadmill Run

What are some of your favorites (i.e. foods, workouts, fuels, gear, etc)?

Well of course I swear by my Woodway treadmill. Love. It. I also use my M 80 roller -daily. 
I swear by Vega products. I just simply love them. 

Anything you can't live without (other than running and oxygen of course ;))? 

That. Treadmill. 

If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would change?

I would've started doing these charity runs a lot sooner. 

From her 100 Mile Trail Run - Coldwater Rumble

And don't forget your Social Media links - how can we follow you?

IG & Twitter @runemz
And I pretend I blog at

Like I said AMAZING, right?! A HUGE THANKS to Emily for her input on this post! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN FEBRUARY!! 

Oh yeah... You missed that?! She will be running the Phoenix Marathon too! In fact, she was the one that helped hook me up with the discount code for all of you to save 10% off your registration! 

What do you think? Are you as excited about these Monday posts as I am? Did I leave out any questions you would have asked? 

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