Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Walt Wednesday

Now that I am "retired" (at least for the time being), Walt seems to LOVE to snuggle with me (and I have NO problem with it). The funny thing is, he loves to sleep like he is a person - with his head on the pillow, arm out of the covers, etc. Sometimes I am not sure if he realizes he is a wiener dog ;)

These are pictures I took this morning after trying to get him out of bed... (In the past Ryan has mentioned that when his alarm will go off, Walt rolls over and looks at him as if to say "you are going to hit the snooze, right?!".)

I got up to charge my phone and came back to this... Walt in my spot in the bed... 

Five more minutes... PLEASE :)

What a snoozer he is!

And once I got him out of bed (so that I could make it), he went out on the porch to doze off some more ;). Unlike in bed when he thinks he is a person, on the porch he reminds me of a kitty, all curled up in the sun. What a "ruff" life he has!

I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open... 

Napping in the sun is my favorite!
Oh, Walt-a-soar-us, what will we ever do with you?! 

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