Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Walt Wednesday

When we rescued Walt he "came with" a harness. It was green and grey.

My first Instagram shot of Walt The Wiener Dog

Little did we know the grey parts were actually more metallic and REFLECTIVE! This is a great thing when walking the pup outside at night (we live in a condo and don't have a yard, which means every time Walt needs to go "do his business", we have to take him on a walk).

Well, the harness was a little rough when we got it, so we ended up getting him a new one shortly after the adoption. We still kept his original harness for when we go do "dirty" things, like playing in the lagoon, going on hikes, etc.

Ryan likes taking Walt up to a nearby school after work (the school is nice enough to open the grounds up for people and their dogs after the kids are released for the day). Well, once we "fell-back" with the fall time change, it is now dark by the time Ryan gets home and wants to take Walt for some running around.

In comes the old harness. Oh yeah, and the head lamp that we got for camping this past summer... These two elements, along with Walt The Wiener Dog, combine to create TRON DOGGY (Ryan came up with the name). Since the edges of the harness "glow" when you hit it with the headlamp beam, Ryan thinks Walt looks like he is from the movie Tron.


A couple weeks ago Ryan grabbed a shot of Tron Doggy while they were at the school. Obviously it is hard to catch Walt in motion, especially at night, but you get the idea!

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