Monday, October 10, 2011

First Commute

Today was my first day commuting to work on my bicycle. I think it went well... It is quite the work out and I am not sure how I feel about getting sweaty on the way TO work, but I am excited to get better at it. I did walk up the last few meters on a couple of the hills on the way to work and walked up the hill to our condo on the way home, but I am pumped to get to a place (somewhere in the future) that the ride is just easy sailing. (Not to mention we get a gym membership with our new office, so I am going to start working out there a couple days a week too)

I parked my bike in the office today and my boss said that there are two things I MUST have. A helmet and blinking lights. I told him that I wasn't sure about the helmet. I feel like I just tool around and don't know if I would need one. He said that it is a MUST. It isn't so much that I would be doing crazy things, but better safe than sorry. He also said that I should get a blinking front and back light. Not so much because I will be riding at night and need light to see, but the more to warn drivers that you are there, the better. I ordered the blinking lights tonight and guess I will have to go get a helmet soon :)

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