Sunday, October 30, 2011

Party Pictures

My aunt and uncle were are moving back to Monroe (from the Bahamas, where my uncle was working as an electrician on the base down there). It was also my uncle's birthday. Not to mention Halloween is just around the corner. They decided to throw a party (welcome home, birthday, dress-up, Halloween bash). We weren't back in Michigan for it, but we were kept up to date with cell phone pictures from my mom and dad throughout the day! Hopefully there will be some better quality shots surfacing soon, but at least we were kept in the fun with the quick paparazzi cell phone pics.

Aunt (witch from Sleeping Beauty), Uncle (pirate), and Uncle (Zorro):

Cousin's Wife (character from Harry Potter):

Grandma (blonde wig because my grandpa used to love blondes - PS she looks just like one of my aunts in this picture):

Cousin's husband (she shaved his head into a mohawk):

Uncle (pirate):

Cousin's baby (pumpkin):

Brother (white trash man):

Uncle (the man of the hour, Zorro):

Aunt (witch from Sleeping Beauty):

Cousin's daughter (garden gnome):

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