Sunday, October 23, 2011

Disney Passes!

Yep! We got our annual passes again! And boy does it feel like it has been FOREVER since we were at Disney. For our birthdays we asked for funds for Disney Passes and we went up and bought them yesterday. We LOVE Disney (okay, Ryan likes Disney, but because he is the best hubby ever and has a wife that loves Disney, he in-turn loves Disney :) ). We took a ton of pictures (obviously), but here are a few top choices:

Mickey pumpkin:

Jack & Sally (we had never seen them in the park before):

Sailor Mickey:

Mater & McQueen (for our nephew Matthew):

Dug (from Up) - again, never saw in the park before:


Ferris Wheel in CA Adventure:

World of Color (saw it for the first time):

So cool (like Bellagio on steroids):

To see the rest of the pictures, check them out here.

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