Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big but a BABY

So it has been storming here all day. I drove home on the 101 and it was covered in branches, palm fronds, etc. It has been super windy and rainy all day (I know, it isn't snow, at least that is good, but still not what I was wishing the weather was like). Anyway, I got home and was looking on our porch to make sure everything was still doing okay (the hummingbird feeder, our Mickey spinner, the plants, etc). I looked out there and everything looked fine. Then I noticed it... CHUBS WAS ON THE FUTON FRAME! He was hiding from the rain, shivering, under our little awning and trying to stay dry.

He looked so cold, I told Ryan I would let him in the house (good thing he flew away when I opened the porch door, cause I don't think Ryan would have liked trying to catch a humming bird in our condo). I guess he isn't so BIG and TOUGH after all, huh?!

[But a side note - he is still shoo-ing other hummers away from the porch when they try to find refuge or some fairy food to help them stay energized through the weather]

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