Friday, October 22, 2010

Promised Land Prayers

Our friends Todd and Renae and Russell will be heading to Isreal on Tuesday to continue filming for the Promised Land Movie. Below is the email with their prayer requests from Todd. Thanks so much!

Renae and I, along with our filmer, Russell are leaving Tuesday for Israel to continue the filming of the Promised Land movie. We really covet your prayers during our trip.

I believe the people of Israel coming to faith in Jesus is one of the closest things to God's heart and it is also very important to God that his Church loves and respects Israel. This movie is going to have an impact on both and Satan does not want it to be completed. All this to say...please stand in the gap and PRAY for us!

We will be flying standby the whole way there so please also ask for the Lord's favor in this that we get on the flights we need and we get good rest because we are going to hit the ground running and we will need all the strength we can get after a REALLY long flight. Please also pray against sickness.

Thank you so much for your love and support!!

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