Saturday, October 9, 2010

Carlsbad School Shooting

Kelly Elementary Shooting; Two injured, Gunman Arrested

CARLSBAD - It was chaos on campus. A man armed with a .357-magnum fired shots into a crowded school playground sending children running for their lives.
Carlos Partida and Mario Contreras, two construction workers laying concrete outside Kelly Elementary, jumped right into action.

Contreras said, "I got the guy. He tried to fight. I hit him in the head."

The two men say they saw a white man in his 30's dressed in a trench coat firing a .357 magnum into this playground.

Partida said, "I see kids running around yelling and screaming. Pretty much no one was there to kind of help those kids."

Witnesses say the shooter fired at least eight shots. Police say the man was also carrying a one gallon gas can. After he fired his rounds the suspect jumped the fence while also reloading his gun.

Partida said, "He was pretty much in the classrooms around here, and I actually had to take off from the job site in my truck. I ran around and I hit him with my truck."

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