Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiti Cholera

Haiti cholera hospital is a horror scene

We woke to disturbing news on Thursday. Our friends at Partners in Health told us droves of people were arriving at St Marc, sick with diarrhea, and that they were dying from dehydration at an alarming rate. The question was clear, could we mobilize to provide clean water to an area suspected of having Haiti's first major cholera outbreak in decades?

Our staff immediately began loading our trucks with equipment. As we drove the two hours to St Marc emails on my phone showed the death toll was climbing steadily. Everyone was nervous.

We arrived at St Marc hospital to a horror scene. I had to fight my way through the gate as a huge crowd of worried relatives stood outside, while others screamed for access as they carried dying relatives into the compound. The courtyard was lined with patients hooked up to intravenous (IV) drips. It had just rained and there were people lying on the ground on soggy sheets, half-soaked with feces.

Some children were screaming and writhing in agony, others were motionless with their eyes rolled back into their heads as doctors and nursing staff searched desperately for a vein to give them an IV. The hospital was overwhelmed, apparently caught out suddenly by one of the fastest killers there is.

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