Friday, October 15, 2010

Cheboygan Microbrewery

9&10 News - New Cheboygan Microbrewery Will Resurrect The Past

You have to go to the website to watch the interview with my father-in-law (notice my yellow Vette :) in the background). CHECK IT OUT!! Ryan's logo is on the sign for the Brewery.

New Cheboygan Microbrewery Will Resurrect The Past

Despite the economy, the microbrewing industry is taking off.

Construction is underway in downtown Cheboygan with a new brewery scheduled to open in March.

The new brewery, Cheboygan Brewing Company, will resurrect an old brewery that closed in 1911.

Though at a different location, this new brewery will have a museum with artifacts from the original business.

The brewery will distribute beer to bars and restaurants around Northern Michigan and the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

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