Tuesday, June 5, 2007

PJ Problems

No, I'm not talking about pajamas, I'm actually talking about my car. Maybe I should back up and try to explain... I love the movie Hook. I know I would say 90% of the words by heart. It is a super movie. There is a really cute part in the movie when one of the lost boys is moving Peter Panning's face around, squishing it all up and he exclaims, "Oh there you are Peter". It is such a sweet part in the movie. Anyhow, I use this line a lot (as does my mom and now it has caught on to Ryan). When I found my Yellow 95 Ford Ranger Pickup I just had to use it, "OH THERE YOU ARE PETER", and hence Peter was my truck's name (it is also Ryan's name and my name and everything else's name). When I moved out to California I needed to sell Peter (my truck, not Ryan) because he would not make the trek across country and buy a new car. I ended up buying a 2005 Ford Focus. Of course I needed to name the car, Ryan helped, and now his name is PJ (for Peter Junior of course). Wow, that is a lot of back story for the short blog, hehe. Back to the problems. Friday night Ryan and I went to dinner down in Little Italy (it is near the airport, cute little area, with yummy food. Ryan picked this restaurant that had a line out the front door (which he took as it must be good). It was yummy and it actually seemed like we were in Lady and the Tramp (it was funny). Anywho, when we got back in the car it was dark and noticed my headlight was out. Saturday afternoon I went up to the Pep boys a block away and got a new headlight and had Ryan help put it in (okay, he did all the work, but I popped the hood and was a good observer). Saturday night, after driving around with Ryan for most of the day (checking out Bull Dog puppies at the mall and the art stores in Little Italy) I noticed my tire was FLAT. Ryan and I drove it (slowly) up to the gas station and filled it with air. Sunday morning I woke up and went out to check it, and low and behold - FLAT AGAIN! Back to Pep Boys Sunday morning to have a new tire put on. It was supposed to take 1.5 hours and they were going to call me before they put the new tire on (so that I could okay it since it is money they are putting into my car). A couple hours later I had no call so Ryan and I went up there and they said that they just repaired the whole and didn't have to put a new one on (which is nice). They did mention that my tires are old and I should probably get news ones soon (oh hurray). So anyhow, the tire is fixed, the new headlight works and I will probably be looking into putting 4 new tires on the car. Everything is a-ok now though, no need to worry :)

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