Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I just got some super sweet seats for the Padres Dodger game tonight. They are 1st base line, 17 rows off the field. They are the Cass seats that we normally give to developers we work with but last minute they told us they couldn't use them so the Head Estimator gave them to me. ROCK ON!! I will post pictures tomorrow!! GO PADS!!


Anonymous said...

Are you also a Detroit Tigers Fan?
Anyways since the Pistons are gone Im rooting for the Spurs to pound the Cavs.-Jon from Crossroad Curch

cpm said...

I sure am a Tigers fan!! Pudge just happens to be my favorite (even though my mom tries to tell me that Sheffield is the better one). I hate rooting for the Spurs, but I hope they stomp on the Cavs too!