Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Speaking of...

Speaking of Geo Caching, it reminded me of this story that I am surprised I didn't blog about earlier. Some of the caches are in ammo boxes (which if you don't know what it is looks like the picture to the left). Anywho, on one of our job sites yesterday one of the foreman found an ammo box that they hadn't noticed before. He opened it, and no there wasn't any booty in there like I am used to, there were 20 dollar bills. I don't mean a couple of twenties, I mean over $59,000 in twenties. CRAZY! He went and called the police and they took the money in. I am sure the money was 'dirty'. It is just crazy to think that what if Ryan and I were out geo caching and came across that, wowser, a lot of booty. I would have turned it in too, just in case you were curious. Just a funny little treasure story!

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