Friday, June 8, 2007

B-ball rankings

I was looking at the LA Times today and came across this article. The sports broadcaster that visits the 27 other venues for Laker games ranked the cities. Guess where Detroit ranks... Too bad The Palace is in Auburn Hills...

27. Detroit: Never a good sign when you insist on staying at a hotel at the airport.

26. Indianapolis: Always seems to be minus-147 degrees.

25. Houston: Kind of boring, unless you enjoy Whataburger franchises on every corner.

24. Salt Lake City: Nice skiing, I guess.

23. Sacramento: The worst arena in the NBA definitely doesn't help matters.

22. Milwaukee: I went to school in Wisconsin and have several friends in Milwaukee, or else it might be giving Detroit a run for its money on my list.

21. Orlando: Great for families but not so much for single, thirtysomething sportswriters.

20. Memphis: Beale Street is fun for one night, but what if you have to stay two nights?

19. Cleveland: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame helps, as does the underrated downtown area.

18. Atlanta: You've got to give credit to one of only three U.S. cities to host a Summer Olympics.

17. Charlotte: It might be a little too high on this list, but I've never had a bad time there.

16. Dallas: I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Hate, hate, hate.

15. Philadelphia: Cheesesteak sandwiches at Pat's or Geno's? I never decide until I get there.

14. Toronto: Canada's answer to New York City.

13. San Antonio: The River Walk is fun, and Austin is only an hour away.

12. Boston: Whenever I leave, I feel like I could use another day to see everything I missed.

11. Denver: Downtown is surprisingly vibrant, even when there's a foot of snow on the ground.

10. Portland: See Seattle.

9. Minneapolis: Seriously underrated. I'm being totally serious.

8. Phoenix: Just don't go in June, July or August.

7. New Orleans: Bourbon Street is on the rebound, as is downtown.

6. Washington, D.C.: My favorite daytime city in the U.S. Where else can you see so many memorials and monuments?

5. San Francisco: The Golden State Warriors are in Oakland, but those in the know stay in S.F.

4. Seattle: Clean, crisp air makes it a must-smell.

3. Miami: South Beach is simply phenomenal for so many reasons, day and night.

2. New York/New Jersey: Always something to do. Always.

1. Chicago: Like New York, but without the attitude.

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