Sunday, August 22, 2021

Workout Recap - Week 34

Sunday, August 15th – 10 mile run with the hubby

Monday, August 16th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Tuesday, August 17th – 13.13 mile run

Wednesday, August 18th – 90 minutes on the stationary bike

Thursday, August 19th – 10.10 mile run

Friday, August 20th – Rest Day

Saturday, August 21st – 22 mile run

A somewhat BIG update this week... The hubby has decided he does not want to do the full 37 mile run with me for my birthday, so he has started dialing back his training a bit - which means my longer runs will now be solo. The new game plan for the Yosemite to Mammoth adventure is he will be running the first 5 or so miles with me (and then turning around and running back to the truck), driving to the "finish" and hiking until he meets up with me to run me in. This run was all about fun and enjoyment, so if that's what he would prefer that is 100% okay with me! I'm still psyched for it nonetheless!

How were your workouts this past week?

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