Monday, June 25, 2018

Workout Recap - Week 25

Sunday, June 17th – 10 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, June 18th – 5 mile progressive run for #Active4Asher, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, June 19th – 4 mile run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Wednesday, June 20th – 10.5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, June 21st – 2 mile warm-up, 30 minute tempo run (3.94 miles), 2 mile cool-down, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Friday, June 22nd  15 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, June 23rd – Rest Day, Stretched & Foam Rolled

This has been quite the week... It was the first week the hubby has been back in an office full time (since being freelance from home for the last 15 months), as well as the first time we've been sharing a car (we don't want to put extra miles on the van since we are in the process of trying to sell it), not to mention Saturday was a friend's bridal shower so I spent the majority of the day on Friday and Saturday prepping for that. Let's just say that not only are my legs spent from the 52.44 miles I ran, but my body is DONEZO (both physically and mentally) from the week. Once we get into a routine I'm sure it'll be totally fine, but for now we are just trying to figure out the new normal. But for now I need to catch up on my sleep!

How were your workouts this past week?

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