Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites

Another week down and it's time to share some of the things I have been digging lately! I wish I could say I have been digging the sun, but unfortunately we are still dealing with June Gloom over in these parts... but with only a few days left in the month I'm hopeful Mr. Sunshine will start making a regular appearance! Anywho, on to the things I am loving!

Porch Update

Back in September we had to take everything off of our balcony because they were getting ready to paint the outside of our condo complex. After a few months, they were finally done - but then we had birds... Yup, while we were on our road trip (and then in Boston and the Grand Canyon) we ended up having multiple birds laying multiple nests out there. After the final baby left the nest we cleaned everything out, put up "bird blockers" and were able to get our porch back in working order. Oh yeah, but when we went to put up the screens on our porch (which we've had up for the last 8 years), we were told we had to submit an architectural application to our HOA to get them approved... Thankfully we heard back with a thumbs up and were able to get everything finished this past weekend - just in time to enjoy it for the summer!

Before and After!

Trip Down Memory Lane

My mom shared this post on her Facebook the other day and it made me chuckle. Apparently my "crazy" faces have been around for at least 33 years... And, wait, doesn't everyone have baby pictures with goldfish?! No, just me?! Weird!

Trail Jenny Handmade Soaps

I got an IG message from @trailjennyhandmadesoaps the other day, asking if I wanted to try some of her products. Well shoot doggy, you know I love me some trail running, some homemade goodies and all most things free, so I took Jenny up on her offer! She asked me to check out her Etsy shop and see if anything struck my fancy. I was pumped to give the Honey & Vanilla Soap and Natural Deodorant a try. She even threw in a Sore Muscle Bomb to keep me running strong! Can't wait to give all the goodies a go and report back my thoughts - but for now I can say they all smell super yummy!

Sparkle Athletic Shorts

You read that correctly... Sparkle Athletic just released three pairs of SHORTS and I am stoked to give them a try! Carrie has been working to perfect them for a while now and they are finally loving how they look, feel and fit so have released them to the world. Currently there are three designs - Cat's Meow, Red & White Polka Dots and Unicorns & Rainbows.


What are you loving lately?

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Can not wait to get the shorts!