Monday, March 13, 2017

REVIEW: Rip van Wafels

I was contacted a couple weeks back to see if I might be interested in checking out a new (to me) company, Rip van Wafels. I have tried a few similar waffles in the past (and have enjoyed them) so I thought I'd give these a try.


Rip van Wafels is a snack company that was inspired by the traditional European stroopwafel to create the perfect snack consisting of a decadent, chewy filling sandwiched between two layers of thin crisp waffle. The result? A sophisticated, delicious and better-for-you treat.


The mission of Rip van Wafels is to provide a healthier snack using only real, natural ingredients, without sacrificing taste. Their wafels are made from clean, simple, high quality ingredients and are low in sugar making them perfect as a quick bite at your desk, a boost after your workout, or as a fun addition to any meal (think of the amazing breakfast bowl you could create!). Tip: they’re also great with coffee. Starbucks has been a fan for a while and sells their wafels in almost every U.S. store!

Here’s a quick run-down on what makes these wafels so wonderful:
  • Rip van Wafels' unique European taste is not only delicious, but low in sugar (less than 8 grams) and only 130 calories. 
  • All of their products are Non-GMO, and free of artificial flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and trans fats. 
  • It’s light weight, sleek packaging makes Rip van Wafels the perfect snack for on the go. Endurance athletes love them for a quick, great tasting, healthy boost! 
  • The wafels are versatile – eat them as is, warmed up over coffee, or top them with yummy favorites like fruit, yogurt or chocolate! (or all three... yum!)

The company currently offers four flavors - Traditional, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Honey & Oats and Coconut (and I was sent a case of sixteen; four of each).

I love that you can pronounce all of the ingredients that are used in the wafels. Not only that, they are scrum-didly-umptious. My favorite flavor was the Coconut and the hubby loved the Honey & Oats most, but let's just say that none of them stood a chance in the McDot household ;) They were all scarfed down in a matter of days (but thankfully they are each only 130 calories so they weren't a major hit to our caloric intake for the day).

These are super portable, guilt-free snacks that can be munched on just about any time - whether it be on the way to a workout, with your morning coffee, while relaxing at the pool or as an afternoon pick-me-up while you are working.

I probably wouldn't use them as fuel for long workouts (since they only have 1 gram of protein), but if you needed a little burst of energy or a bite to eat to keep your tummy in check before you head out for a run I'd totally be down.

If you are interested in trying a wafel (or seven... don't say I didn't warn you), you can use the store locator to find a location selling the deliciousness near you or order directly on their site. PS If you subscribe you save 20%! And just in case you don't know which flavor(s) to order, purchase a Variety Case and give them all a go.

What flavor would you be most interested in trying?


Alicia Parker said...

I love RVW. I get them at Starbucks usually. They actually saved Elizabeth and I on the way to Seawheeze last year bc we were starving and the meal cart on the train closed! They are delish! I always use waffles for pre-race meals bc my stomach can't tolerate bread or peanut butter or much else besides a banana and waffle.

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

I can't wait to try my Rip van Wafels! They sent me my box, but sadly it got here after Lent started and I gave up sugar. They've been eyeing me every day since!