Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hopefully by now you're well aware I'm a Conqur Endurance Group ambassador. And if you didn't, then SURPRISE!

Conqur Endurance Group is the rad team that puts on events such as the Santa Monica Classic, the Pasadena Half Marathon, the LA Big 5K, and the Los Angeles Marathon just to name a few!

I have been honored to work with them for the past year or so (which means, if you didn't know I was an ambassador either you're new to these parts, I've done a bad job at spreading the word, or maybe you suffer from Fibro Fog like me ;)). Anywho, I wanted to share something they kicked off earlier this week surrounding the Los Angeles Marathon - #MyLAMoment.

The marathon represents more than just 26.2 miles, it symbolizes the adversity we face in our lives and our ability to overcome the greatest odds. And they want to hear YOUR stories. You can submit them on the website HERE.

And just in case you are a little nervous sharing your story, take heart because I shared some of MY stories... In fact, I was lucky enough to be featured on a couple of the videos on the website. (Let's just say that video is NOT my forte, so when I made the cut I was super surprised and excited!)

My First Marathon Moment:

My Better Together Moment:

My Finish Line Moment:

My Life Changing Moment:

My LA Moment:

What is, or what will be, your LA Moment?

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